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Did You Know ?

A resent study by Connecticut society of Urology revealed that Men need to have Sex at least 21 times in a month to avoid Prostate cancer . Now the question is do you have Sex often enough ? Low libido, small penis problem and erectile dysfunction are some of the inhibiting factors . If this is you then this product is for you ..... " Tell me what is more sweeter than Orgasm "  Take your sex game to another level with AfricanBrute !  

“The Most Effective Herbal Tincture - Increases Size, Drives Sexual Performance, Boost Energy & Libido , Long Lasting Erection . All in one Course !   - Aldrich Dawson

AfricanBrute Herbal Sex Tonic ! Would Transform Your Sex Life. Restore Your Confidence And You Would Be Able To Satisfy Any Woman

We see you _ Living that busy life Fantastic Sex shouldn't be one more task on your endless to do list ! Add a little spice to your love life with AfricanBrute . The Herbal Testosterone Booster .

Brought to you by Sex Therapist Coach ...Dr  Neal Bryant and his team of other experience Health Practitioners . See About Us Page  .

Men and Women both want better sex . You can devour all the sweat things , chocolate, oysters - and hope for a rise in your dismal libido. A better option is AfricanBrute !

Bring the passion back and boost your love life . AfricanBrute isn't the next little blue pill , that's harmful to your body . Its purely herbal with carefully selected ingredients by our Team . - If you want a bigger penis , higher sex drive , easier arousal , long lasting erection and more intense orgasm. Our Liquid tonic won't disappoint . I bet you would have your woman shout OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! all the time . Try it , you would thank us later .  

Worried About Your Sex Life ?

Did you know that the Number 1 cause of cheating and infidelity (Marriage or Regular  relationship) is lack of Sex or dissatisfaction during sex. Without Regular,Good and Consistent Sex Women feel neglected unloved .    

Small Penis Insecurity   

If you are unable to perform , satisfy your partner due to Small Penis Size , Impotency and Premature Ejaculation . Statistic show that they will look elsewhere for that Sexual Connection. 90% of the time .This is the unfortunate reality.  

Welcome To Your New Life !

You have heard people say " Get a Life "  Now you can ! You would experience sex like never before . Your confidence level would shoot through the roof with a woman  . Do yourself and your partner a Big Favor today and get AfricanBrute now !

AfricanBrute contains 8 powerhouse herbs for an extraordinary sex life.  


Benefits Of AfricanBrute  

More Stamina and Size

You know what its like to have a sexual stamina. Right? Those were the days when sex was spontaneous , and you were ready to go at a moments notice. Maybe 10 or 20 years ago,you had it ,but not today . AfricanBrute brings you back to the days when you never worried about how much,how long and how hard .Use it consistently for a month and you would  have an increase in size.

Always Ready For Sex / Long Lasting Erection

When you brag that you were born ready, but your performance says otherwise. AfricanBrute can help . It increases stamina and helps you last longer with a woman . Women loves sex when its longer and more intense . You don't want to be a 2 minute man ! How good will you feel knowing that you are always ready for sex?

Fuel Your Erection

When testosterone stops pouring out at healthy levels, libido, sex drive and sexual performance suffer. Testosterone - Its the breakfast of champions for healthy erections . It turns out blaming bad chemistry for less than lusty sex isn't too far off . AfricanBrute gives your testosterone a boost ! More reliable erections mean less worry about Erectile Dysfunction. No more excuses of bad chemistry ! 

Go For Intensity

What woman doesn't appreciate an intense orgasm now and then ? Treat your woman to AfricanBrute . You may end up with a vixen between the sheets! Its a win win !

Increases Quantity and Quality Of Sperm

AfricanBrute helps to improve the Quality and Quantity of the sperm .

Soothing And Reliefs Pile/ Hemorrhoids  

Hemorrhoids complications will be a thing of the past when you use AfricanBrute . Its herbal extract Aesculus hippocastanum commonly called horse chestnut helps in curing the problem.


The Science Behind AfricanBrute !

And How It Works 

So how can one formula increase your sexual endurance and size ,boost your sexual health and intensify your orgasms  ? The answer is easy and natural .....


AfricanBrute liquid formula helps to balance your sexual health and energy with a constant loop of 3 important improvements that covers most men Sex problems : Testosterone , Blood Flow and Nerve stimulation .

The herbs in AfricanBrute drive the natural process to increase your sex drive and sexual stamina. See herbs below with features .

Most sexual health issues can be improved with this approach . The Africanbrute sexual optimization cycle assures you of a safe return to your sexual best and health. It awakens your morning Erection . Its scientifically proven that any man that does not have a morning erection regularly might have a problem with blood flow .

Cycle 1 : Blood Flow

-Boosting your Sexual Health : Blood flow controls the size , the firmness of erections for men . AfricanBrute is optimised to increase the size of a man's penis. Use consistently for a month. 

- Reduces the cause of impotence : AfricanBrute reduces atherosclerosis ( Cholesterol plague in blood vessels ) This is a the leading cause of impotence. Increased blood flow to the penis reduces plague build up and in return helps with increased size, firmness and cures impotence.

Active ingredients : Turmera diffusa, Zingiber . 

Cycle 2 : Nerve Stimulation

Increased pleasure and stronger orgasms : AfricanBrute raises the sensitivity in your erogenous zones for greater greater pleasure and orgasms .This intensify every sexual experience . Here are areas AfricanBrute would help you :

-Fast Acting : You can be ready for sex in 30 to 40 minutes ( Depending on your level of sexual health )

- Powerful orgasms : You can enjoy intense orgasms constantly . Your first, second and even third orgasms get increasingly stronger . ( I know its a mirage for most men to go beyond the first orgasms these days but with AfricanBrute you would have a different experience )

- Continuous Erections : AfricanBrute  makes it easier to have an erection quickly after an orgasm. You can have sex more often in one night and you will not disappoint your partner if she has not had an orgasm yet .

Active ingredients: Smilax Aristolochaefolia  , Cinnamonum Cassia , 

Cycle 3 : Testosterone 

Powering your sex drive and stamina . AfricanBrute naturally stimulates and releases the testosterone already present in both men and women's bodies . Testosterone plays the largest role in increasing sexual desires and performance. Consider these points on how testosterone level affect you .

- Increase sexual desires : You can enjoy having sex more often .

- Intensify sexual endurance : You can last as long as you want and have the confidence knowing you can please your partner and be ready for more. 

Active ingredients ; Cola acuminata , myristica fragrans  

Neal Bryant

Founder - Sex Therapist Coach at Aamc Health Grade

AfricanBrute Reviews and Testimonials !

When people are looking for AfricanBrute reviews , they are probably wondering " How Good is AfricanBrute " Does it work or where it is sold . Fortunately our customers all over the world love to share their experience ! 

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These customers from Nigeria love our product.

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Chris From Texas Wrote........

Good Bang For The Buck!

This stuff will definitely help to start throwing ropes in the sack. if you want to impress her with your masculine virility and end your sessions with a grand finale, get some AfricanBrute . But be-careful she might start to consider you as husband material .  

Ahmed Bukka From Jos

This Stuff Really works ! 

It increased my penis and makes me really last long with my woman. If you keep looking to find things that actually work , here it is . Have used so many pills , without any result . Thank God i gave this a look in . See my result !

Shrod From Manchester

It Works Big time !

I was really wanting to have a more satisfying experience in bed with Bigger Loads. It took a couple of weeks but it definitely works ! It boost my overall performance instantly but if you want to add extra inches then you would need to use consistently .My balls are always full and the sensation is totally different . I will definitely recommend !

About Us - Our Team 

Hi, I’m Neal Bryan.

Sex Therapist Coach /Founder- Aamc Health In the modern society we live in ,with an awareness on " divine feminine " rising and awakening , there has also become a need for redefining time masculinity and what it means to be a man .

Hi, I’m Fredrick Hughes.

Team Member / Researcher Fredrick was born in DuBois, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Villanova University.He obtained his medical degree at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia  Dr.Stern has 14 years ’experience in urology  .

Hi, I’m Dr Stern.

Team Member / Researcher    Dr.Stern is a member of the American Academy of Urology ,board certified and re-certified by the American Board of Urology He is a member of Connecticut Urology Society. Dr.Stern resides in Farmington, CT with his wife,and enjoys life with his two sons .

Carefully Crafted Ingredients !




You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

To further Guarantee you that this product works , " It does what we claim on this website " We would include in your package when you purchase .... a Signed Copy of our Terms of Contract . Which state clearly that you would get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase if the product does not work as we claim . If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund

                                                                    Have Questions contact our support line on: +2348111324789

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FAQ - Important Please Read 

Here are some common questions about ABrute.

( Toggle each box or Click to Reveal )

1 . How To Take AfricanBrute 

AfricanBrute is an easy to use formula . To take it place the liquid into a cup  and drink - 40 ml ) or 5 Table Spoon .

- You can take AfricanBrute daily or on a "need only basis" . The best method for you depends on what result you desire. 

- If using to increase the penis size , take 2 times daily ( Morning and Evening ) for at least 1 month . Noticeable increase from 1st week of use .

- If using to correct a sexual problem . Take 2 times daily ( Morning and Night ) . This method will allow your body to gradually improve your level of sexual function .

- If you are using AfricanBrute to enhance pleasure and performance , take it 1-3 hours before engaging in sexual activity. 

* For faster absorption take 30-40 minutes . The formula will absorb faster if taken on an empty stomach .

PS: if you take AfricanBrute after 6pm make sure you are going to have sex or have good physical work out .

Remember ......AfricanBrute puts you into "HAVE SEX MODE"  It works !!!

2. Is AfricanBrute like Viagra ?

No ! The only similarities between AfricanBrute andd Viagra is that they both help men achieve erection . AfricanBrute is a penis enlargement formula that works naturally within your body to increase penis and erectile function .

AfricanBrute is powerful , yet safe way to restore sexual function and overcome impotence . Africanbrute gives you so much more ! You not only have good erections, you have fuller, harder, longer lasting erections .

Viagra is a prescription medication used to treat impotence in men . Viagra treats impotence but it does nothing to restore a man's natural ability to have an erection.

AfricanBrute does . AfricabBrute works within your body to relieve the causes of impotence and improve your overall sexual health .

3.  Are There Certain People Who Can't Use It ? 

Yes! AfricanBrute is not recommended for pregnant women and people with Kidney problems . 

4 . Can I use AfricanBrute with Beer , Wine or Alcohol 

Yes and No ! Let me explain ....

As long as AfricanBrute is getting into your system , it will have an effect . Any type of alcohol has a negative impact on your sexual performance . You may not think so ......

But a drunk driver thinks his driving performance is OK too .

In other words,,,,,,everything in moderation. Enjoy your little amount of drink , enjoy your AfricanBrute and enjoy your sex . 

Simple formula that works everytime ! 

5 . Is The Packaging Discreet 

Yes ! AfricanBrute is packaged discreetly so that no one has an idea of what is inside the package . Only you can open the package when you order .

6 . Why Does It Take Longer For People With Certain Health Problems To See Results ?

People with certain health issues will need to use Africanbrute for a longer time to see great result ( 4 - 8 weeks ) . People with high or low blood pressure ,Diabetics, High Cholesterol and even Heavy smokers are in this group .

These health issues slow down slow down the effect of AfricanBrute  because they reduce the circulation of blood throughout the body , including the genital regions .

By reducing the amount of blood flowing into the genital regions, these health issues weaken the strength and function of the sexual organ . 

AfricanBrute  must first improve the blood flow into the genital regions and for these people , that phase wil take up to twicw as long . 

Persons with these health conditions will usually achieve results of 80% - 90% improvement in sexual performance in 3-6 weeks instead of days for healthier people .

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