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Enlargement of Penis
Long Lasting Erection 1-2 Hours of Sex.
Cure For Erectile Dysfunction/ Stamina & Endurance
For Aging Men - Boost Testosterone,Libido 

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When our editors consulted with sexologists and surgeons specializing in penis enlargement, they confirmed the surprising effects of Africanbrute on penis enlargement and performance improvement.

After 4 months of use, my penis has grown by 3.8 cm, now it's huge! But AfricanBrute had another completely unexpected effect on me, I gained so much self-confidence that I became a real magnet for women… Now all the girls around me want me haha! And I've never let women down anymore, gentlemen. You got it! ;) My friends ask me what has changed, but for now I never tell my secret . Thanks to Africanbrute

Orhan F.

For years I have experienced embarrassment and disappointment over my small penis. There were moments when I felt like I wasn't even a man and my self-confidence was at a minimum. A friend recommended that I try AfricanBrute. Best decision in my life! My penis is too big now, I can have sex for hours and women are chasing me all the time now… They can't get enough of my monster penis!

Haluk D.

I think the photo speaks for itself. Now I'm proud of my tool, thanks AfricanBrute!


I'm Neal Bryant

Dear readers,

Finally! We can share this story with you...

We've been keeping this secret for 2 years and can't wait to tell you.

If you have been following us for a long time, you know that we often share about natural but scientifically proven products or therapies. These products often do not receive attention from official medicine for reasons you can all guess!

Today, we will talk about how the nutritional supplement that we will introduce to you has affected more than 9000 men. Our product has made these men's penises enlarged by 2-4 cm, increasing their sexual stamina and self-confidence. Among women, this product is now known as the Secret of the Porn Stars! You ask why? Because these men have become sex monsters after using the above product! We will share with you the confessions of these men, women or couples shortly.

Because of these claims, we decided to do our own research and prove the safety and effectiveness of this product.


How It Works



MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND AfricanBrute as a Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction and Penis Enlargement, as the #1 cause of women's dissatisfaction with marriage and relationships .



As doctors, we recommend AfricanBrute to men who want to enlarge their penis or have erectile problems .

AfricanBrute has no health risks. The effects of prolonging and delaying ejaculation are quite good.

More and more women come to me for advice because they are not satisfied with their sex life but do not want to leave their husbands. I then recommend Africanbrute to them, and it's not uncommon for their wives to come and thank me after a while. So we live this every day.

AfricanBrute increases penile size by an average of 3.1 to 4.2 CM, and I have personally seen how successful it has been with my more confident, more satisfied patients.



Natural substances have a beneficial effect on potency.

We're not talking about weird, dangerous, heart-wrenching drugs made in the lab (like Viagra).

There are plants that have been used for thousands of years for their very different effects. In fact, the most important discovery of this product is that it contains a mixture of five herbs with a certain weight and provides an excellent effect for your erection!


You know what's best?

Africanbrute has NO SIDE EFFECTS!

Everything you get is exactly what you want and what your partner needs!


Photos and videos on this blog are courtesy of the people pictured above them. Their use on other websites is prohibited....

When our editors consulted with sexologists and surgeons specializing in penis enlargement, they confirmed the surprising effects of Africanbrute on penis enlargement and performance improvement.

I ordered AfricanBrute from their official website and 3 days later my package arrived at my office address. The packaging was very nice so it didn't show what was inside and my colleagues didn't suspect anything. I used AfricanBrute for exactly 6 months. The results are spectacular and long lasting!

Confessions of AfricanBrute users !

Now every day she wakes me up in the morning and begs me to fuck her!

I lived in the UK for two years and discovered AfricanBrute there, it's very popular there! Now I am glad that it is produced and sold in my country because I can order directly here, and on top of that, the shipping is cheaper.

Ercan K   I actually don't have much to write about. I am attaching my photo, see for yourself. 4 inches in a month!

My results after I started using Africanbrute are that my penis is 5.2 CM longer and much, much thicker. Now I can last for an hour without any ejaculation and finally satisfy my girlfriend. It's only been a month and a half since I started using this supplement and I still have the same height and strength..


My penis wasn't actually small, but when my friend who uses AfricanBrute talked about it, I wanted to try it. Result: My penis is now huge! The most important thing for me is that I can make love for hours! What more could I want?


Semih S.
I have been using the product for three months. By the end of the second month, my penis has grown by 5.4 inches. Now she's 18.6 cm and I can have sex without ejaculation for at least half an hour.

Halid B.
I have been using Africanbrute for a month. It was recommended by my doctor as I have a complex because of the size of my penis. My penis is even a few inches longer now, and especially much thicker, and my erection is much firmer. I got rid of my complexes completely.

Confessions of AfricanBrute users

Hakan: I have no regrets about trying AfricanBrute, I and my wife are both very happy with the results and our sexual intercourse lasts up to three times longer. Our relationship is so much more fulfilling and I feel like I've just discovered my self-confidence.

I just finished my third box. I bought exactly 6 boxes and will order again when it is finished. They say the effect is permanent even when we stop using it, so I'll get back to you if that's true.

Kenan M

I bought this product to enlarge my penis, but it turned out to be the cure for all my sexual problems. There is no sexual dysfunction or premature ejaculation. My penis has grown 4.8 inches. Great! Penis size has been something that has bothered me for years. I was even depressed because of this... AfricanBrute solved my problem in two months

Natural substances have a beneficial effect on potency.

I've been using AfricanBrute two times a day for three months. My penis has grown by 4.5 inches and is much thicker. I can have sex without ejaculation for 30-40 minutes and now all the girls around me are talking about me. Even girls I don't know are calling me... Africanbrute has changed my sex life..

Real Success Stories

My wife can barely put my penis in her mouth now. see for yourself. I didn't think it would get this big. 

Sam Martins

Thanks AfricanBrute . My marriage was saved thanks to this product. For three years I was having trouble with my erection. Now both my penis is normal size and I don't have any problems with my erection. I would recommend it to everyone!

Jenny Parker

This product has officially saved my marriage. My penis is bigger, harder and my wife enjoys it a lot ;) 

Patrick Jones

Financial Consultant

Product Overview

Now Included in the New AfricanBrute is Boner Pills Walgreen


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  • Boost immunity against diseases and all kinds of infection.
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  • Cure for Gynecomastia ( Man with female like breast caused by hormonal imbalance) See below image !
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    Frequently asked questions

    Important ! Please Read 

    Here are some common questions about AfricanBrute.

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    About Our Brand

    1 . How To Take AfricanBrute 

    AfricanBrute is an easy to use formula . To take it place the liquid into a cup  and drink - 40 ml ) or 5 Table Spoon .

    - You can take AfricanBrute daily or on a "need only basis" . The best method for you depends on what result you desire. 

    - If using to increase the penis size , take 2 times daily ( Morning and Evening ) for at least 1 month . Noticeable increase from 1st week of use

    - If using to correct a sexual problem . Take 2 times daily ( Morning and Night ) . This method will allow your body to gradually improve your level of sexual function .

    - If you are using AfricanBrute to enhance pleasure and performance , take it 1-3 hours before engaging in sexual activity

    * For faster absorption take 30-40 minutes . The formula will absorb faster if taken on an empty stomach .

    PS: if you take AfricanBrute after 6pm make sure you are going to have sex or have good physical work out .

    Remember ......AfricanBrute puts you into "HAVE SEX MODE"  It works !!!

    2. Is AfricanBrute like Viagra ?

    No ! The only similarities between AfricanBrute andd Viagra is that they both help men achieve erection . AfricanBrute is a penis enlargement formula that works naturally within your body to increase penis and erectile function .

    AfricanBrute is powerful , yet safe way to restore sexual function and overcome impotence . Africanbrute gives you so much more ! You not only have good erections, you have fuller, harder, longer lasting erections .

    Viagra is a prescription medication used to treat impotence in men . Viagra treats impotence but it does nothing to restore a man's natural ability to have an erection.

    AfricanBrute does . AfricabBrute works within your body to relieve the causes of impotence and improve your overall sexual health .

    3.  Are There Certain People Who Can't Use It ? 

    Yes! AfricanBrute is not recommended for pregnant women and people with Kidney problems 

    About Our products

    4 . Can I use AfricanBrute with Beer , Wine or Alcohol 

    Yes and No ! Let me explain ....

    As long as AfricanBrute is getting into your system , it will have an effect . Any type of alcohol has a negative impact on your sexual performance . You may not think so .....

    But a drunk driver thinks his driving performance is OK too .

    In other words,,,,,,everything in moderation. Enjoy your little amount of drink , enjoy your AfricanBrute and enjoy your sex . 

    Simple formula that works everytime ! 

    5 . Is The Packaging Discreet 

    Yes ! AfricanBrute is packaged discreetly so that no one has an idea of what is inside the package . Only you can open the package when you order .

    6 . Why Does It Take Longer For People With Certain Health Problems To See Results ?

    People with certain health issues will need to use Africanbrute for a longer time to see great result ( 4 - 8 weeks ) . People with high or low blood pressure ,Diabetics, High Cholesterol and even Heavy smokers are in this group 

    These health issues slow down slow down the effect of AfricanBrute  because they reduce the circulation of blood throughout the body , including the genital regions .

    By reducing the amount of blood flowing into the genital regions, these health issues weaken the strength and function of the sexual organ .

    AfricanBrute  must first improve the blood flow into the genital regions and for these people , that phase will take up to twice as long 

    Persons with these health conditions will usually achieve results of 80% - 90% improvement in sexual performance in 3-6 weeks instead of days for healthier people .

    About orders

    Is there any Guarantee that this product works?

    To further Guarantee you that this product works , " It does what we claim on this website " We would include in your package when you purchase .... a Signed Copy of our Terms of Contract . Which state clearly that you would get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase if the product does not work as we claim . If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

    Call or Whatsapp:08111324789 . Office 77/79 Eric Moore rd . Surulere Lagos

    Do you do Delivery Nationwide !

    Yes ! We do delivery nationwide but cash on delivery is only available in Lagos . 

    What is the difference between the Old Brute and this New One

    The New Africanbrute is loaded , more effective and concentrated and proven to work more effectively . Also contains Boner Walgreen which is the natural ingredient for thicker and bigger penis size . Above all the New AfricanBrute is very Safe without any side effects .

    • Ng -77/79 Eric Moore Road . Surulere, US- Upper Marlboro MD 20774-1800259-2971

    • 08111324789

    100 % Guarantee Protection !!!!!!!

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

    To further Guarantee you that this product works , " It does what we claim on this website " We would include in your package when you purchase .... a Signed Copy of our Terms of Contract . Which state clearly that you would get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase if the product does not work as we claim . If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund

     Have Questions contact our support line on: +2348111324789

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